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age group: all ages
name: Deep As Funk turns 1!!!
date: Friday 30th of April,
venue: Club 77 - 77 William St. Kings X - Sydney
info: Deep As Funk's main guest on Friday 30th of April is dj DeeDee - the co-founder of Teriyaki Anarki Saki in Melbourne. Known in his past as one of the best techno dj's in Australia. In his recent interview with 3D World, DeeDee stated - " So you think I'm just a techno geek? Wrong... I play party music. Big, fancy, sexy beasts of tunes. Punk rocking, electro-sex, whip-disco, techno-funk: in leather, big shoes, studded belts and sex-appeal by the bucket-load."
Get ready for something very high quality!

Another special guest is dj Annabelle Gaspar - the co-founder of Bad Dog parties in Sydney and one of the best Australia's female dj's! Both Annabelle's and DeeDee's full bio's are available on www.rifproductions.com

Support from the resident dj's RifRaf, Panayotis and Mazzucco aka Marcotix

New sound system, more deco, visuals by Eskatonia, live performance by Dollface
Tickets: $17 on the door before midnight and more after..
Outlets: Doors open - 10pm to 6am. ID required!
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