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age group: all ages
date: Saturday 1st of May 2004
venue: 1902 262 522 (after 7pm on the night)
info: CPX 99.9fm Invites you to the official party… FREQUENCY!

Way back in June 1998, Broadcasting on the 99.9Mhz through SWR FM every Wednesday from 9pm, the show has become a focal point to thousands in the party scene; with their ‘tounge and cheek’ behaviour, their proven passion for underground dance music, the party scene and everything in between! Over the years the CPX crew – Carlo, Suae, Weaver, Tom-e, Mr-e, PRC and Statik have also collaborated music and discussion with artists such as Nik Fish, Amber Savage, Hixxy, Jason Bye, rob Gee, Scott Brown and Breeze n Styles. Now the CPX crew are about to break the boundaries of consciousness, altering the rules of reality, and creating our own state of FREQUENCY! On May the 1st 2004, Sydney will witness the CPX radio show come to life, on air and stage, entering the realms of rave, amplifying your vibrant senses of blissful sound sight. Feel our radio waves, immerse yourself into our dream – where we channel you into our FREQUENCY… the show comes to life… radio lives.

Frequency will be broadcasting live for the entire duration of the event from 9pm to 6am. The crew will be interacting with the crowd interviewing patrons and djs. Tune into CPX99.9fm every Wednesday night from 9pm to 1am for your chance to win tickets to the biggest events in town!

Carlo and the boys from Lightsounds Projects will be installing a massive lighting and sound show with a huge B2B Sound System imported from the states which will be delivering huge thumping bass with crystal clear top end. B52 is now one of the leading speaker brands made in the USA. As for lighting, LS Projects will be installing the new XR7 moving heads imported from DTS Italy complemented with new tiny 575 heads from Elation. We will also be putting in 6 laser heads and super bright strobes all expertly programmed by the crew creating a awesome lighting show.
dj's: Carlo - Suae - Tom-e - Weaver - Statik - Mre - PeeWee - Matrix Haze - Antix and Mc Obi
Tickets: $18 + B.F. gst inc
Outlets: OneStop Dj – Darlinghurst
Plaza Records – Penrith
Sandlia Music – Liverpool
Supre – Parramatta
Pacific Prizm – Campbelltown
Ten Seconds Down – Chatswood
Mall Music – Warringah Mall
Sound Garden – Hurstville
Super Erina-Fair
Castle Hill Records – Castle Hill
Supre - Nowra
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