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age group: all ages (16+)
date: Saturday 24th July, 2004 (10pm-7am)
venue: The Atrium - Macquarie University
info: Click here to buy tickets for Helter Skelter. You can also order the VIP LANYARDS for $5 more.

Production should be more than just lights, lasers and sound stacked into a venue to compliment the performers. If used correctly, these tools can be used to help create the atmosphere of the event, in conjunction with the performers, in the same way that a painter uses his colours to define the atmosphere of the painting. That's the way we look at production, a raw canvas that we manipulate throughout the event. This adds the extra dimensions that help complete the Helter Skelter experience. Bright colors swirling above your head when the music is uplifting and euphoric. Minimal colours and the subtle use of effects when the music is deep and dark. Use of vivid patterns and projection screen manipulations as the music takes you into a trance. A sound system that acts not just as a supplier of music, but balanced, equalised and positioned the perfect way to act as a sound system should, the bridge between the production and the dance floor experience. This sounds like the most simple of things, but when done properly makes the difference between something average and something very special. There's an old saying, "a picture tells a thousand words". That's what we are doing with the Helter Skelter production, ensuring that during every part of the night it tells the story the performer wants told, the feeling of the crowd and the atmosphere of the event. Production that truly brings the music alive to your eyes.

The venue is the epicenter of any experience. A great venue does more than give you somewhere to party, it can make or break the night. In order for us to truly create the Helter Skelter experience, we made sure our venue was the right one. To us, there is no other option. It was always The Atrium. You may ask why, well because it offers so much diversity within itself, so many different areas, and has the 4000+ capacity we require to create the perfect Helter Skelter experience. You can live the experience on the main dance floor, or view it from the overhead mezzanine levels. If you feel like a change, you can wander into the second, third or fourth arenas and try some different sounds. If you want to escape from the dance floors all together, you can relax in the outdoor chillout on the ground floor or the outdoor chillout on the rooftop, and stare through the glass ceiling as the event unfolds down below in the main arena. If you'd prefer the comfort of inside, you can find one of the indoor chillout areas with lounges and booths, and relax in comfort. You can even forget about the party all together and wander into the video games arcade, and try out the latest arcade hits. If you're over 18, you can head to one of the licensed areas and enjoy a drink. There is no other venue that offers so much for so many people, yet always feels intimate and gives you the options to doing so many things. A place to be yourself, to escape and enjoy the experience that we have created for you. Live the Helter Skelter experience.

Brooklyn Bounce [Germany]
New album X2X: X-Pect the Un-X-Pected out now!
Undisputedly one of the biggest global hard trance names there is, and with a fan base of millions all over the world, we're proud to present hard trance superstars Brooklyn Bounce in their debut Australian appearance! Brooklyn Bounce are the heart and soul of the hard trance generation, having been there right from the beginning in '97 with the anthem that started it all: The Theme of (Progressive Attack). Since then, Brooklyn Bounce have evolved into one of the trance scene's genuine global superstars. Their albums have sold millions upon millions of copies, They've produced some of the biggest hard trance anthems of them all: "Bass Beats & Melody", "Born To Bounce", "Club Bizarre" and "Loud and Proud" amongst many others, and appeared on every "superclub" CD series you can think of. Quite simply, in the world of hard trance names don't come any bigger, any louder or any prouder than Brooklyn Bounce. Finally, they'll be here in Oz - behind the decks doing what they do best... Sydney, Get ready to bounce!

DJ Dean [Germany]
Balla Nation, Tunnel Trance Force World Tour 2004

Renowned as the "True Champion of Trance", Hamburg's legendary resident of the world-renowned Tunnel Club and German trance institution, DJ Dean is finally touching down in Australia for a long overdue hard trance & hardstyle onslaught! Compiler and mixer of the two biggest trance CD series in the world, Tunnel Trance Force (running since '97) and Tunnel DJ Networx, which have almost 50 releases between them, Dean's name is synonymous with the trance sound he proudly champions. Over the past few years his move into production has been unprecedented, producing the biggest hard trance tune of 2003 - Balla Nation, alongside hard trance & hardstyle anthems "Protect Your Ears", "It's A Dream". "Play it Hard" and "Attention". From the Love Parade to Nature One, and even a residency at the 10,000 capacity Privilege in Ibiza, Dean has almost done it all... except Australia! That's about to change, and he's determined to make sure his first visit down-under will never be forgotten...

DJ IMPACT : UK - NU Energy Collective : FBI Recordings
DJ Impact has been one of the key figures in the Freeform and UK Hardcore movement for almost a decade, and has helped pioneer the freeform sound on labels such as Nu Energy, Impulse, Go Mental, Digital Beats and his own label FBI. His label features a who's who of the UK Hardcore scene including Kaos, Ethos, Devotion and many more. Impact's music style includes trance influenced freeform, through to the slammin' UK hardcore from fellow producers Scott Brown and Hixxy. He balances his music between the more uplifting Happy Hard and the darker freeform sound and believes that the key to a top set is to mix it up with different styles of the faster beats. If you are into the harder edge sounds, then get ready for a slammin' session from DJ Impact as he performs for the first time ever in Sydney at Helter Skelter.

We have produced a large range of Official Merchandise. You will be able to purchase your own piece of memorabilia in advance from One Stop DJ (Darlinghurst), Ten Seconds Down (Chatswood) Sandlia (Liverpool) plus on the night at the Merchandising stalls. The products include fresh new T-Shirts, Temporary Tattoos, New style Karabiner lanyards, Baseball/Trucker Caps, Beanies and lots more. Grab some merchandise and relive the memories of this awesome event for years to come!

For each of our events we create a special promotional pack which includes a huge range of all our merchandise, including a T-Shirt, CD's, lanyards etc, but for the first time ever, if you buy one of our packs from the stores listed above you will have a 1 in 10 chance of scoring a FREE ticket as well. We are sealing our packs and selling them through the outlets, and 1 out of every 10 packs also includes a ticket to the event.

Heaps of giveaways thanks to NRG clothing


By car - from Epping Road turn into Culloden Road near the Shell Service Station, then right into Gymnasium Rd. All night paid parking is available, and extra security will be put on to patrol the car park and surrounding areas.

By rail - Catch a train to Epping Train Station, and from there hop on the "HELTER SKELTER" bus that will take you to the venue, and then back to the station in the morning. The buses will be running from 8.30pm-8.30am.

This is a 16+ event. Government approved ID is required to enter the licensed areas. Alcohol will be available on the night. The management reserves the right to refuse entry. Leave your attitude at home. Please remember that this and all Atrium (Macquarie Uni) events are DRUG FREE.

Right up until the event, Overdrive.com.au will be featuring weekly ticket specials, ranging from the "first release" tickets, through to free merchandise with each ticket sold. Keep checking www.overdrive.com.au to find out what specials are online. Also, why not buy some extra Helter gear while you're there

doubledose - Hard Trance & Hardcore on RAWFM
Tune in to the Double Dose radio show on the Raw FM network to win stacks of official HELTER SKELTER gear, plus get the chance to hear our International guests rip it up the night before HELTER SKELTER. Double Dose runs every Friday night from 8pm and is hosted by DJ Fenix and DJ Preacher. For requests and competition entries email doubledose@overdrive.com.au

Main Arena

Brooklyn Bounce (Ger)
Dj Dean (Ger)
Jason Midro (Mel)

Nik Fish
Paul Holden
Hardstyle Arena

John Ferris
Amber Savage
Pete Heery
Susan Zanjel

Uplifting Trance arena

Jumping Jack
Diggs & Morro
Liquid M
Cameron O'Shea

Hardcore arena

DJ Impact (UK)
ILLFX (Marcos, Cram & MC Lee)
Nexus Project (Refresh & Ctrix)
Suae - Haze
Dave PSI & QT
Mixxy - Aladdin
Crystal - Buggin - Oky


We are very proud to offer our first release tickets for only $44 plus booking fee. These tickets are limited and we honestly imagine with such a wicked lineup of International and local acts, one of the best entertainment venues in Australia, and a brilliant production by BLM and Oracle, these "specially priced" tickets will sell out . . . early. Final release tickets will be $55 plus booking fee and will be available after the first release tickets sell out. Either way, this event will sell out! Why wait and have to pay more money for a ticket, get out there and grab yourself a cheap ticket now!! *Students @ Macquarie can purchase a single ticket each for $44 up until the night of the event from S.A.M.


Outlets: Click the Buy tickets link to buy tickets for Helter Skelter. You can also order the VIP LANYARDS for $5 more.

Ticketek (Australia wide)
One Stop DJ (Darlinghurst)
Ten Seconds Down (Chatswood)
Cue Time (Castle Hill)
MOOKS Clothing (Castle Hill)
Sandlia (Liverpool)
Soundgarden (Hurstville)
Revibe (Parramatta)
Plaza Records (Penrith)
Mall Music (Brookvale)
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