age group: Open age



date: Saturday 16th June, 2007

venue: call 1902 262 522 after 6pm on the night


Promoter: MA-15+ Entertainment

On the 6th of January 2007 an event took place that was unlike anything Sydney had ever seen. It pushed all the boundaries and set a new standard for all hard dance parties. A lot of people didn’t believe Sydney was ready for an event of this manner but they were wrong. This event featured the best Australian talent, 2 of the hardest internationals Holland had to offer and a sound and lighting installation that was out of this world. This event was Reactor: Ground Zero and it was the first in the Reactor Series. It’s purpose was to give people a taste of things to come and all those who tasted wanted more….

So now on the 16th of June 2007, MA-15+ Entertainment, in association with Seraphim Records, are proud to present Sydney with another dose.

MA-15+ Entertainment and Seraphim Records have gone to great lengths to secure, arguably, the two biggest, most influential and sought after hardcore acts the world has to offer today and backed them up by putting alongside them the finest talent Australia’s rave and club scene has produced, with some of the brightest up ‘n’ comers playing as wide variety of styles. Combine all this with a jaw dropping lighting installation, a sound system provided by the likes of BLM who have hosted just about every dance party in Sydney for the last 10+ years and more lasers and visuals than Sydney has ever witnessed at a party before it. Put this in an enormous venue capable of holding 3000+ lovers of hard dance music and the result is a party that will once again raise the bar for all events to follow.


Each and every local artist on the bill has recorded a special limited edition ‘Reactor mix’ cd just for this event. 10 copies per artist and 34 artists in total. That’s 340 cd’s all to be given away for free, yes free to the first 340 people through the door with pre-sold tickets. There will be many other give aways to come! For more information visit the myspace – www.myspace.com/reactor_system_critical

- All ages 15+ event
- Tight but polite security
- St John’s Ambulance Paramedics on site

Endymion (NL)
Ophidian (NL)
Matrix, Archie (ACT), Suae, Fenix, Weaver, Tymon, Toon, Midian, Raziel, Haze, Spank, HijinX, Sims, Tom-E, The Terrorist, NV (QLD), Arty (VIC), Ill FX, Duckie, Refresh, Pulsar, Retali8, A4h, Skittlez, Technik, Ar-Bee, Vanth, Distort, Scotty G, Cloudze, Whipit, Cantosis, Prototype, Freesoul, MC D, MC Iniquity & MC Mest


Hardcore artists Endymion are rated among the most popular producers, live-acts and DJ-teams in the world. The outfit was founded in 1997 and the combined talents of the three members quickly resulted in their first release on Supreme Intelligence Records in 1998. This jump-started their career, and in addition to a string of successful releases on Supreme Intelligence and its successor Gangsta Audiovisuals, Endymion has also recorded for such top international hardcore labels as D-Boy, The Third Movement, Babyboom and Neophyte Records.

In 2001 DJ Ruffneck started Enzyme Records and he asked Endymion and Nosferatu to be the figureheads of the label. The new label instantly proved to be a massive success and Endymion's popularity skyrocketed to great heights, playing at almost every large-scale dance event. Thunderdome, A Nightmare in Rotterdam, Enzyme Incubation, Masters of Hardcore, Mysteryland, Defqon-1, Megarave, Hellraiser and Project Hardcore. Endymion’s releases include All the Way Up, Payback, Drunk with a Gun, Rock the Part-E, Project Hardcore, Pussy Motherfuckerz, and many, many more. Each and every Endymion release has been a big hit and is played by virtually every hardcore DJ on the planet.

Using keyboards and cassette recorders Ophidian started recording his first songs and mixes in 1993, 11 years old at the time. By 1995 hardcore had become very influential and he started using computer software to write music. In 1998 DJ Ruffneck was convinced of Ophidian's talent after receiving a 4 track CD-demo, and asked him if he would like to join his labels Gangsta and Supreme Intelligence. And thus at 16 years old Conrad became the youngest artist to join the crew. In 2001 he was signed to Enzyme Records, started building his own studio and started studying Music Technology at the Utrecht School of Arts. Enzyme started a sub-label called Enzyme X on which more experimental hardcore could be released, which came as a blessing because it provided exactly the space that Ophidian needed to define himself and his style. From this moment on progression was fast as he released quite a number of tracks that have proved massive hits including Butterfly, Angel, The Middle Children and Pepperspray.

For the past 8 years, music has been the passion behind Weaver, from DJing to producing, Weaver is well known throughout the Australian rave scene. He has built up a strong fan base thanks to his supreme DJing and producing skills which have also lead to him being signed to the worlds number 1 happy hardcore record label Raver Baby Records. Weaver has played at every major party in Sydney’s rave circuit, such as Marvel, Scattered, Hard Wars, Fantasia, Utopia, Eckythump and now Reactor. He’s also toured all over Australia and across the globe to England.

Quite possibly the most popular DJ the Sydney rave scene has ever seen, this superstar of many styles ability behind the decks translates into the studio. Suae has started to find his feet with his producing, first releasing with the track Get Stupid, Suae has gone from strength to strength, much to the joy of ravers and fellow DJ’s alike. Having played at venues like Home, Gas, Acer Arena, the Atrium at Macquarie Uni and the Sydney Entertainment Centre, Suae is a DJ who’s been there, done that, and is ready to deliver so much more.

The creator of Hardwars, DJ Fenix is one of the most established and well known DJ’s in the Sydney rave scene. He’s been an influential part of the rave scene for over 15 years and whether it is his brand of the darkest and hardest freeform or the cheesiest happy hard, he keeps Sydney’s punters begging for more each and every time. Making his first appearance for MA-15+ Entertainment, Fenix is keen to deliver the best, and you know he will.

With over 12 years experience and recently coming in at number 11 on the Australian Technics DJ Poll, Archie has risen to being one of Australia's top DJ’s. Earning himself a solid following from early on, playing clubs and gigs in his home town of Canberra, Archie created a strong underground following by creating a unique blend of production talent, scratching and mixing skills. By playing numerous events in and outside the party scene, he became one of the most prominent movers and shakers in the Australian dance industry. Originally starting off in Canberra at the tender age of 12, he began mixing & scratching Hip hop and eventually moved on to dance music two years later which instantly made him a permanent fixture in the ever growing Canberra scene. During this time he found himself playing a diverse range of styles including breaks, funky house, trance and even happy hard, which was Archie's ticket into the Sydney party scene. Archie now resides in Sydney playing every week at clubs such as Sublime, Gas, Plastic and Wanted with regular spots at Chinese Laundry and at raves such as Transmission, Marvel, Utopia and now Reactor welcomes Mr Buzz Lightyear.

Arguably the leading force in Sydney’s rave and club scene, DJ Matrix has conquered and raised the bar for every other DJ in Sydney, playing at every major party and club each and every week in Sydney. His air tight mixing, impeccable sampling and extraordinary scratching is enough to ignite each and every dance floor, as he does with the incredible regularity. This loveable legend of Sydney’s scene is an ever-present on the MA-15+ Entertainment rave roster and will be for a long time to come yet.

The most well established, respected and known DJ/producer in Australian hardcore, Tymon aka Ctrix is also one half of Nexus Project. From the smallest of hardcore parties, to the biggest of raves, Tymon doesn’t shy away from his loyalty to playing for those who love to hear his brand of Industrial hardcore. Signed to Industrial Strength Records, Tymon has earned the respect of his peers and the adoration of his many, many fans and is set to continue this trend for a long time yet.

The man who inspired an army! After 10 years of service DJ Midian is one of the most recognised and loved figures in Australia’s hard dance scene. From club events to raves in Sydney, Midian has organised and spun records at all the biggest and best. Part of the team that brings you parties like Scattered, Funcore and Helter Skelter to name but a few, this master of old skool has seen the rise of devoted fans known as the Midian Army in his honour.

The promoter behind Marvel, Reactor and Aftermath himself, DJ Toon will be stepping up behind the decks. This lover of music is devoted to putting on dance parties that excite and entertain punters of all walks of life, and he does. MA-15+ Entertainment parties are rapidly becoming known as must-go-to parties as it’s clear that 100% effort and no cost-cutting takes place in bringing Sydney nothing but the best. Toon is also 50% of Australian hardcore record label Seraphim Records, and is sure to entertain when he steps up behind the decks, pumping out the hardcore that he loves.

DJing all over the country since 1997, he’s played at the biggest night clubs from Queensland to Victoria. He’s looking to ignite dance floors across the city. His strength lies in being able to work crowds into frenzy with his flawless mixing skills and techniques, trance music being his weapon of choice. Since relocating to Sydney in 2006, Arty has been in high demand and the future looks very bright for this talented DJ.

Ben Hayes started DJing in 1997, producing in early 2003 and has had the opportunity to play at parties such as UTOPIA, Godspeed, Marvel, Helter Skelter, Reactor, Advent Jah (QLD), Transmission and Happy Snax. Haze is the owner of label Executive Records and Executive Digital. He uses these as a front to use as an outlet for his productions, and the productions of other Australian artists in the realms of happy hard and freeform. The label has seen remixes from international producers such as Impact, Resist, Joey Riot, Oli G, K-Complex, CLSM and Storm!

DJ Sims has grown up with the love of music. In early primary school is where this love affair first began. From playing the sax, to a drum kit and now spinning records, Sims love for music is only paralleled by his devotion to it. From the age of 16 he’s started getting gigs in the support rooms of most of Sydney’s raves, and clubs followed not long after. Sims' versatility and variety on the decks saw him quickly climb through the ranks to be one of Sydney’s most well known and loved up and coming artists, playing styles across many genres such as hardcore, happy hard, hardstyle, hard trance, electro, house and breaks! DJ Sims has played at parties such as Marvel, Reactor, Fantasia, Godspeed, Mystic, Utopia and at clubs such as Home and Gas.

One half of Acroama Syndicate, HijinX is one of the brightest emerging talents in the rave scene. His hard driving hardcore, darkcore, industrial or hardstyle is flawless whenever he steps behind of the decks. A regular face on the MA-15+ Entertainment line-up, having played at Reactor, Marvel and Aftermath, this up and comer has a fast growing following and is sure to excite as always.

For a decade techno, hard trance & hardstyle have been Spank's life, spending countless hours on the dance floor and many more hanging over the DJ booth watching his favourite DJ’s doing what they do best. The move from punter to DJ was an obvious step for someone so passionate about hard dance music. His passion shows in his quick progression through the ranks in such a short period of time as he has become not only a DJ but a web site provider, promoter, DJ management, radio show host and producer. Starting in May 2003 when he was invited to play his first club set at the iconic Sydney venue The Icebox. One could tell just by watching his enthusiasm, energy, smooth mixing, tasteful track selection and attention to detail behind the decks that this would not be the last set he played. His skill and profile has led to him being booked each and every week alongside such international legends of the scene like DJ Zany, Sam Punk, Uberdruck, Yojimehanika, Neophyte, Promo, DJ Wag, DJ Scot Project, Cosmic Gate, Brooklyn Bounce, Technoboy and DJ Dean!

The other half of Seraphim Records, DJ Raziel has quickly built up a pedigree within the Australian hardcore community that is hard to be matched. His first record release, Secrets and Mysteries, has been overwhelmingly received by his punters and peers alike. Playing alongside DJ’s like Endymion, Dione, Hamunaptra, Neophyte, D-Passion and Chosen Few, he has also played at parties like Marvel, Godspeed, Manic, Hardwars, High Calibre and Helter Skelter and is a major contributor to the Reactor project with his Seraphim Records partner DJ Toon.

They don’t come much better known than The Terrorist in terms of hardcore in Sydney. Be it party, or the darker side, the owner of Australian hardcore label Tera-Australis, The Terrorist is a DJ who commands the respect he deserves with his flawless mixing of the music he loves. His releases on his label have been followed by sets at some of the biggest and best parties in Sydney. Take one moment to take in persona that is DJ The Terrorist and you’ll understand what so many of Australia’s hardcore community do, this man is more than just a DJ.

DJ Tom-E, a name known very well throughout the rave scene. There isn’t a raver who doesn’t know this entertaining character. The man behind some of the most loved and respected parties in the last decade, Tom-E is the promoter behind such parties as Fantasia and Dream Universe and a master behind the turntables. Whether it be happy hard, hardstyle or any of the other style for that matter, Tom-E always gets the crowd jumping and leaves them begging for more. His entertaining persona that he demonstrates for the adoring public is a sight that must be seen. From wearing costumes and masks, to juggling and scratching with his nose. DJ Tom-E is without doubt one of the thrilling DJ’s this scene has ever, and will ever see.

NV, one of Australia’s finest rising DJ’s is once again going to be strutting his stuff at Reactor as he serves up his distinctive tastes and talents in happy hard. Also 50% of the sought after duo Bipolar, NV has performed on the stages of Australia’s greatest events, such as Godspeed (NSW & QLD), Mayhem (QLD), Advent Jah (QLD), Transmission (QLD) and Kryptonite (SA).
Headlining alongside and supporting international titans such as Breeze and Styles, Re-con, Hixxy, Dyewitness, Brisk, UFO, Rob Gee, Evil Activities, Predator, Endymion, Catscan, Tha Playah, Tommyknocker and many more. NV’s experience and depth as a DJ isn’t limited only to the rave scene. He’s also proved himself in the club scene too, as he is a master of happy hard, hardcore, hardstyle and hard trance! DJ NV consistently heightens the party vibe and gives the people what they want. Now residing in Newcastle, his aim is to win over Sydney after dominating Brisbane.


Tickets: Early bird tickets $38+ bf
Regular tickets $58+ bf (from 9am May 14 2007 or after early birds are sold out)
Final release tickets $65+ bf (From 9am June 11 2007)
Special offer tickets – buy 4 get 1 free (only available from www.noxious.com.au)

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