Promotions Republic had been creating awesome flyers and brochures for both our events as well as other Sydney promoters. We have been responsible for the design and printing of the following promotional gear -

Hard Wars / Hyperspeed / Logic / Scattered / Area51 / Helter Skelter / Utopia and Godspeed (1995-2001) and a lot more.

We are able to quote on either designing your flyer with supply for printing by someone of your choosing, or or we can supply design and print from beginning to completion. Alternatively if you already have your design ready to go, we are able to provide competitively priced printing.

From 2,500 x a6 all the way to a massive a2 poster/brochure we've done it all and we can do it for your event.

The perfect promotional medium at other events, these large vinyl banners certainly stand out. We can create a banner of any size using your exact design, full colour from top to bottom, left to right, Just imagine having your banner hang at the front door of a large dance party, no one will miss it. Everyone will get the message.

These banners start at just $200, and target the specific market you're after, hang them up at a party, and everyone at that party will see it.

If you would like to get your DJ name known more around the parties, or have an event you would like to hand your promotional mix out at, we can provide high quality duplication and printing, starting from a mere 50 units. We can supply the cd's with amazing full colour printing, right on the CD face, and the package of the CDS has limitless potential, from the standard pvc sleeve all the way to complex triple pack hardcases.

Minimum run 50 units
Full colour CD face printing
Different packaging available

Possibly one of the most inexpensive ways to promote your event, an a3 colour photocopy really stands out. We are able to supply top quality photocopies of your artwork, and we can also have them distributed throughout Cafe's and Record Stores across Sydney.

Minimum run is 100 units
Sydney wide distribution available

One of the easiest ways to promote your event is to advertise on the Overdrive web site, and the easiest way to do that is to have a banner rotate on the front page and event page.

We receive over 3,000 visits per week, and of course all of these people are ravers and clubbers. In fact 65% of the people that come to check out Overdrive are over 18 and live in Sydney.

If you don't have a banner, we can design one, and we can have it run on the front page for a month or longer leading up to your event

If you would like to book a Rave or Club DJ for your upcoming event, we can help organise the best Sydney DJ's, such as -

Fenix, Suae, Matrix, Weaver, Marcos, Nik Fish, Amber Savage and more.

If you have an event coming up the Promotions Republic and Overdrive can help with all your promotional needs. A one stop party shop, run by people who know how to promote a party.

Email us on info at

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